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Ultima tent covered swags have been operating since 1992. The Ultima swag is the invention of Tony Camaroni stemming from his outback training in the Australian Army in Townsville Queensland. As a direct result of intense discomfort experienced during field exercises Tony realised the necessity for a swag that was completely sandfly and mosquito proof. Tony started making swags under his house and they quickly became popular with other soldiers in his unit.
Hand Made in Australia
A local camping store saw the potential of such a great swag and began selling them to tourist operations. As the demand for his unique swag grew, Tony left the army to concentrate on manufacturing and improving the Ultima Swag.
A move to Lismore NSW increased sales in the southern states, but the swags continue to be very popular with the soldiers and tourist companies in Queensland, The Northern Territory and right across Australia. And now, with the our website on the internet, Ultima Swags are even being sold in other countries.

Now, after more than 20 busy years of manufacturing and improving Ultima Swags, I am selling all over Australia; to Telstra employees, government bodies such as the D.I.P., Fisheries and Forestry and camping enthusiasts everywhere. Thanks for visiting our site. You are invited to have a browse and see the great products we have to offer you.
Tony Camaroni
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At Ultima we are not only the originators of the Ultimate Swag Experience, we also manufacture a range of other quality canvas and vinyl products.
We will soon have a link from this page to our display of Camping Trailer Kits, Shade Sails, Tents and other quality canvas and vinyl products

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